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Inside the KimBobRex Food truck: The making of the Best Friend Sushi Burrito

KimBobRex, a food truck known for serving up sushi burritos, is a staple at the Granada Hills Grubfest every Friday for more than five years. You can always expect a line wherever they’re around. One of their bestsellers is the Best Friend Roll—spicy tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, their special sauce, all wrapped up in sushi rice and seaweed. Chef Jin, owner and chef of @kimbobrex, shares how the magic happens and what goes in this sushi burrito.

Follow them on Twitter and on IG @kimbobrex to see where you can grab one of their many sushi burritos. Your tummy will definitely thank you.

Meet Alexander Orozco, The Hood Foodie

5b87c3fb-535d-4e3f-9ff5-3d04daa63a51Alexander Orozco, best known as the Hood Foodie, shares his passion for food, and helping others through highlighting various restaurants and businesses, especially the small, mom and pop stores. His story of overcoming personal challenges while creating a movement is nothing short of inspirational. Take a listen and get to know one of the 818’s phenoms while we chat about his inspiration, the movement, and some bits about Anthony Bourdain.

Follow him on IG @thehoodfoodie for more information on his upcoming collaborations and projects.

Meet The (818) Takes You TO CAFE AFICIONADO

Meet Reggie and Abigail Cua, owners of Cafè Aficionado

After having celebrated the third year anniversary of Cafe Aficionado, Meet the (818) chats with owners (and power couple) Reggie and Abigail Cua as they talk about their journey of turning their dream into the reality it is today. It’s a love story about dreams and uplifting the community.
Stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee or one of their breakfast items.
Follow them on @cafeaficionado_la.

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