Hector Perez-Roman, host, co-creator, and Executive Producer of Valley Views, a local radio talk show featuring uplifting stories of people, organizations, businesses, and social movements with a positive impact on the San Fernando Valley and beyond. Airing every Sunday at 10am on 101.5 FM KROJ, Valley Views has had over 50 episodes with over 120 guests.

I asked Hector for a Top 7 list of his most influential interviewees. And, here it is:

#1: Alexander Orozco, The Hood Foodie

#2 Michelle Alvarado, Valley Girl Apothecary

#3 Jessica Rivas, Autocycle Pro

#4 Jose The Panda, Music Artist and Producer

#5 Alexandria and Daniela Del Gaudio, co-founders of The Wild Plum

#6 Natalie Camacho, Founding Editor of Viva The Valley

#7 Nestor Aguilar, The 818 Insider

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