Compiled by Jonathan Andrade and Derek Lee Ramsey, co-creators of Brews With Masters.

Father’s Day is upon us! Celebrate with pints in hand.

With everything fully re-opened, local craft beer fans can flock to the tasting rooms of the microbreweries in the (818), where they’re churning out some of the best brews in all of So Cal.

We’ve compiled a list (alphabetized by name) of 12 must-try beers in the (818).

Bridge to Nowhere IPA, 6.5%, Hand-Brewed Beer, Chatsworth

  • Hand-Brewed nails it every time with this smooth sipper. A rotating series, this evolving IPA has never failed us. Want to #EarnYourBrew? Hit up a hike on the nearby trails before stopping into this Chatsworth tasting room.

Casual Friday Hazy DIPA, 8.2%, Lincoln Beer Company, Burbank

  • It’s OK to stray away from crisp lagers and dank IPA’s, if only just to try this 8.2% hazy double IPA fruit bomb from our friends in Burbank. Big fruit flavors and requisite haze. Flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts encouraged when consuming this beverage.
Jonathan Andrade and Derek Lee Ramsey, co-creators of Brew With Masters

Cut and Dry Irish Stout, 4.8%, MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., Van Nuys

  • Undoubtedly a Brews With Masters favorite. Available in nitro cans, this liquid gold will quickly make you forget about…that one beer…with the black and gold…Forget it. Doesn’t matter. Drink Cut and Dry. Now.

Deez Nuts Brown Ale, 6.2%, Hand-Brewed Beer, Chatsworth

  • Boasting arguably the best name of the bunch, Deez Nuts delivers. Dubbed “a beer so nutty, it could only have been brewed by a couple of real squirrels,” this American brown ale is no joke. It’s a well-balanced brew that’s ideal for everyday sipping.

Grapefruits of Wrath IPA, 7.7%, San Fernando Brewing Co.

  • It’s exactly what it sounds like: Big grapefruit flavor that equates to big smiles from beer drinkers. A refreshing summer beer that packs a punch.

Jewel City Common, 5.8%, Brewyard Beer Company, Glendale

  • Glendale’s first microbrewery tipped its cap to city of Glendale by sharing a name. Also known as a steam beer, this light amber has hints of toast and caramel maltiness with light hop bitterness.

The Lucky Penny Extra Special/Strong Bitter, 6%, MacLeod Ale Brewing Co., Van Nuys

  • The folks at MacLeod’s sure do know how to brew a beer true to the style. This is a malty, English style classic on cask. Go for the cask experience, stay for the Cut and Dry.

Matador Red Ale, American Amber 5.8%, 8one8 Brewing Canoga Park

  • Brewed by alumni, this red ale is an ode to the nearby Cal State Northridge. Citrus and floral tones are balanced by “seductive caramel notes and a soft chocolate finish.”

O’Melveny Red Ale, American Amber, 7.5%, San Fernando Brewing. Co.

  • Named after the sprawling park in the north valley, O’Melveny Red Ale is a malty amber that is complimented by a hint of sourdough. Perfect for a picnic in the park.

Smash Lager, 4.7%, Lincoln Beer Company, Burbank

  • This single hop and single malt pilot brew at Lincoln won’t last long. “A beer tasting experience,” Smash Lager has a malty foundation with light citrus notes.

Ube Wan IPA, 6%, Brewyard Beer Company, Glendale

  • Drawing from his Filipino heritage, head brewer Sherwin Antonio used purple yams with Motueka, Citra and Northern Brewer hops. While there’s a light ube finish, the purple hue of the beer coupled with the Star Wars inspired can art makes for an overall fun experience.

Valley Girl Blonde Ale, 5.6%, 8one8 Brewing, Canoga Park

  • A staple in the (818), it’s more than likely that you’ve already tried this beer, or at least seen it at your local liquor store. The epic label of the Wendy Peffercorn-esque blonde blowing a giant pink bubble—palm trees reflecting off the pink lenses on her white shades—is hard to miss. The beer is equally as great as the artwork. Be sure to grab a four-pack to go before heading home.

For more information about the ingredients used, the brewing processes, the breweries or the tasting rooms, visit Brews With Masters on YouTube, where we conduct in-depth interviews with brewery owners, head brewers and brewery patrons.

8one8 Brewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4HIq17Tw44

Brewyard Beer Company: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFbJK6KpIxw&t=34s

Hand-Brewed Beer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nOch2CpQao&t=9s

MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr4Bok_yqZs&t=18s

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