Meet the EXA Band, one of the best live music bands in the 818! 

The band was brought together in March 2014 by Ricky Molina, an 818 local who’s played and toured with multiple bands in the Los Angeles Area.  Seven years later, the EXA band is still playing around the San Fernando Valley.

“Everything started, thanks to your friend, Jerry Pedorza, who told us about the band opening at Los Tres Hermanos Restaurant in Van Nuys, CA.  At that time, there were only three of us:  Roman Novo on guitar and vocals, Juan Dominguez, bass player, and me on drums and vocals,” reminisces Ricky Molina, the band’s leader, drummer and vocalist.

Photo credit: EXA Band

Because of their growing popularity, the band brought in additional members, Fernanda Alba (keyboards/percussion/vocals), Ivonne Flores (percussion/vocals), Angres Yepes (guitar/vocals), Ignacio Lopez (drums/percussion/vocals), Aldo Ibrahim (guitar/vocals), and Jose Garcia (drums).  Apart from their main performances on Friday and Saturday nights at Los Tres Hermanos in Van Nuys, they also perform at private events: weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceaneras, birthday parties, and corporate events.

They play a wide range of music selections from every decade, as well as pop, rock, country, salsa, cumbias, merengue, and bachata. With things opening up, the EXA band will be playing at more venues.

“The EXA band plays 100% live.  We have something to offer for every audience.  We love playing for our 818 community because its such a diverse community and we always have a great time,” adds Ricky.

You can sample some of their live videos on YouTube:


For more information, you can contact them at 818.869.0392 or by email at info@exaband.net

(Photo credit: EXA Band; Ricky Molina)

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