Meet Naomi Johnson, San Fernando Valley Realtor and Creator of Live The Valley Life

Photo Credit: Naomi Johnson

San Fernando Valley Realtor Naomi Johnson is a valley girl at heart. As the creator of Live The Valley Life, a 818 lifestyle brand, she combines her two passions: helping her clients navigate today’s real estate market and sharing the 818 community she grew up in.

“I’ve been a realtor for two years and I help families buy and sell homes. Helping my clients win in today’s real estate market brings me joy and drives everything I do!”. Naomi shares on her website.

In today’s Meet The (818) Interview, we chat about her experience as a realtor, why creating Live The Valley Life was the perfect compliment to her career. We talk about the challenges of being a realtor during the pandemic, and her advice on both selling and buying a home, and how the San Fernando Valley holds a special place in her heart. Tune in and hear about her story.

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