Brown.Baked Desserts: Inspired By Filipino Flavors

Photo Credit: Brown.baked

Jason Lustina, owner of the popular baking enterprise Brown Baked Desserts, just happened to fall into baking.

“It wasn’t something that I thought would turn into a hobby or even business. I did the typical chocolate chip cookies, waffles, Rice Krispies treats. One day, a thought came into my head, ‘Could I incorporate traditional Filipino flavors into these desserts that everyone knows?’.” Jason share the origins of his baking venture.

Being social media savvy, Jason started posting his creations on his accounts and people started reaching out, asking if he was selling his baked goods. With the encouragement and support of his close friends, he finally dove in and started selling his creations. And the response was absolutely overwhelming!

“Once I put it out there, the orders haven’t stopped and I am grateful to everyone who purchased and supported Brown Baked.”

His inspiration comes from traditional Filipino dessert flavors as well as the desserts he grew up with. He incorporates those flavors and transforms them into cookies and breads. He’s even gotten inspiration from visiting local Filipino groceries and bakeries, as well as a visit to the Philippines in December 2019.

“I’m always experimenting and you’ll see new flavors every few months. It is a process before it makes it to the menu. Most recently, I’ve made a Maja Blanca cheesecake which is originally a coconut gelatin/pudding with sweet corn. With the cheesecake, it is a coconut cheesecake base topped with a white chocolate ganache and toasted coconut in a Graham cracker crust.”

While developing other flavors from his culture, Jason also comes up with flavors from his neighborhood, like a Mango Chamoy cheesecake, inspired by the fruit carts around Los Angeles. He wants to eventually take his business into a storefront.

To order from Brown Baked, visit the website at Follow Jason on Instagram @brown.baked.

If you’re looking for recommendations, I can personally vouch for the ube (purple yam) pinipig cookies, the buko (coconut) pandan, and the chocolate crinkles. It was so good! I had to share with friends and family or else they were all going to end up in my belly.

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