Meet Chef Vallerie Castillo-Archer, Executive Chef of Yamashiro Hollywood

Photo Credit: Sthanlee B. Mirador

In today’s Meet The (818) Interview, I have the honor of chatting with Chef Vallerie Castillo-Archer, the first female Executive Chef at the iconic Japanese restaurant, Yamashiro Hollywood. Her grandfather, who owned a bakery in Chef Vallerie’s hometown in the Philippines, played an integral role in her love for food. And, yes, her culinary journey literally began when she was born at her grandfather’s bakery.

Baking and cooking is her language of love and she puts her heart in her creations, be it macaroons for her daughter or cooking for friends at a party. In September 2019, she was brought on board as the Executive Pastry Chef for Yamashiro, where 20 years ago, her and her now husband had their first date.

Listen to her inspiring story as we chat about what it means to be a female chef in the culinary world, chasing your dreams, and her love for all things calamansi (Filipino lime).

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