Art Is In The Heart

Photo Credit: CR8 Art

Italian multi-media artist Milena Mortati is the heart and the founder of CRE8, a start up multimedia platform designed by artist for artist.

In an interview with Voyage LA in November 2020, Milena shares her love for art and her journey as an artist for the past two decades: “Instead of pointing out what sets me apart, I’d love to dive into what I have in common with so many artists because wanting to make a life in art can be challenging. From a very young age, I knew I wasn’t interested in any “regular” job. I was infatuated with the world of art and very uninterested in anything academically. After I got out of college, I was offered a job at a tourist resort in North Africa where I was part of a community that performed on stage daily and I can’t remember a happier time. Meeting people from around the world, acting, singing, and dancing was everything and I knew I had found my calling. This eventually led me to New York and Los Angeles where I was able to get my education in performing arts. I booked acting jobs here and there but ultimately found my love for painting in the process. This gave me an outlet and the freedom to be creative whenever I wanted, without the pressure of booking job. Even though following one’s heart has its challenges, I am learning to fall in love with the process and enjoying the ride.”

Photo Credit: CR8 Art

In 2016, her mixed media series entitled “VIVA VOCE” was show cased in 10 different galleries located in London, Zurich, and Los Angeles.  In December of the same year, she had an exhibition at the world’s largest Art Fair called “Art Basel Miami”.  In 2017, her art installation, “Treasures of the Heart” was launched at the AC Gallery in Hollywood, CA.  It also made its international debut in Zurich, Switzerland.

Her journey as an artist led her to start her own art gallery and a desire to build and create a community for artists to support each other.  CR8 is her vision becoming a reality.

“As an artist you live in a constant state of unknowing, which at times can be quite scary uncomfortable but the guiding light is making art from the heart. It’s the one thing that truly fulfills me even if I have no idea what’s next. Maybe that’s why most of my work is centered around the heart or the color red. I feel a great sense of fulfillment giving life to my ideas and if it brings joy to others in the process my mission is accomplished. And with the onset of the opening of CRE8 Art Gallery next year I am eager to collaborate and work with many more international artists to make the world a bit brighter,” shares Milena of her vision for CR8.

She is joined by CR8 team members Kalise  Wallace (Creative Director), Diana Barillas (Curator), Cara Thomas (Secretary and Communications/PR), Neyssan Falahi and Simone Gautschi (Board members), Erika Martinez (Treasurer), and Maryln Gamez (CFO).

Photo Credit: CR8 Art

Their goal is “to facilitate and foster collaborations and support for independent artists from all walks of life across all mediums. Providing a space where events, projects and ideas can be brought to life through various avenues and share inspiring stories to help bring awareness and flood creativity back into our communities.”

Join them this Sunday, August 8, 2021 from 12pm -10pm for a Summer Bash Art Event Fundraiser, featuring 8 artists, 8 vendors, 8 entertainers, a silent auction, a private mezcal tasting, a bar, coffee in food trucks.  Pre-sale is $20 and admission is $25 with VIP tickets going for $50.  Mezcal tasting is $75.

This event will be held at 1819 Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506.  10% of proceeds the Sidewalk Project, a project based non-profit organization focused on supporting the houseless community in LA.

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