Guinness, anyone?

Photo Credit: Ireland’s 32

Valley landmark and home of many a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Ireland’s 32 has been on the corner of Burbank Blvd. and Mammoth Ave., since 1967. For the past two decades, it’s been owned by the Kennedy family. Megan Wright is Ireland’s 32 current owner. The daughter of Irish immigrants, she grew up with Irish dancing and is proud of her heritage.

“Irish pubs are few and far between in L.A. Ireland’s 32 is your neighborhood ‘Cheers’. We have been in the neighborhood for almost 60 years. We have bartenders here working for over 30 years. So we definitely will know your name! Our food is delicious! I know you think pub food? Delicious? But, yes, we have the best steak in town!” Megan describes the vibe and what to expect at her pub.

Megan Wright, Owner Photo Credit: Ireland’s 32

When asked about the their bestseller at the pub, her response did not come as a surprise. “Guinness. Always has been and probably always will be. We take pride in our pours.”

Over the years, Ireland’s 32 hosted numerous St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, as well as pre-St. Patrick’s Day festivities, UFC fights, NFL/Super Bowls. It’s also been a venue for live music and karaoke nights. That’s why this pandemic was a really big challenge. Missing out on St. Patrick’s Day, an event that usually holds them over into the middle of the year, for two years in a row, was rough for Megan and her team. But despite it all, community support was key to getting through this.

“Our community has ALWAYS been there for us. The good, the bad, and ugly. Our regulars were checking on us weekly. Not to see if we were open, but to make sure everyone was okay.,” shares Megan.

With everything opening up, Ireland’s 32 is getting back into the swing of things, serving their pints and pub fare, as well as having patrons re-discover their amazing happy hour. This Friday, September 17, 2021, join them for “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day”, a new holiday with origins in Arthur Guinness Day. The celebration starts at 4pm and will continue throughout the night. Live music by Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps start at 9pm.

Come over and support your local Irish pub! It’ll be a guaranteed fun time for all! For more details, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @irelands32.

Location: 13721 Burbank Blvd, Van Nuys 91401

PHOTO CREDIT: Ireland’s 32

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