Meet Nova Zeevi-Ylagan and Christan Ylagan, Fitness Couple and Bodybuilding Competitors

Photo Credit: Nova Zeevi-Ylagan

On today’s Meet The (818) Interview, the husband and wife team of Nova Zeevi-Ylagan and Christian Ylagan talk about their fitness journey, body transformations and entering body building competitions. Working out and fitness have been a huge part of their lives, but it wasn’t until both of them joined their current gym, TruFit Bootcamp in Lake Balboa did they take their fitness goals and overall game to the next level. Almost a year and a half ago, Nova entered her first body building competition, Lake Tahoe’s NPC Bikini Competition and won first place in the Bikini Novice Class A Division. At present, she’s competed in three different bodybuilding competitions and hopes to have more under her belt.

Photo Credit: Christian Ylagan

Her husband, Christian, competed in his first bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas this past March, placing third in the Masters 35 and Over division. Their journey is one of commitment, dedication, and supporting each other through their individual processes. It truly takes two to tango with a partner that supports you and pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Tune in as they share the challenges and the triumphs of their journey as well as advice for anyone who wants to delve into finding their own fitness journey.

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