Behind The Business Series: Pascal Patisserie and Café

When Sara Geller, chef and former owner of Sara J Pastries and Cakes, and Bruno Pascal Marcy, Pastry Chef, Master Chocolatier, and owner of C…is for chocolate, decided to open Pascal Patisserie and Café in Woodland Hills, it was a team up made in pastry heaven!

Photo Credit: Pascal Patisserie & Café

The two worked together before reuniting to open their café in August 2016.  Bruno was the pastry chef at Sara J Pastries for close to a decade before Sara decided to close shop.  They both moved on to different projects until they decided to partner up once again. 

Both Sara and Bruno bring their unique and exceptional culinary talents to the forefront at their café.  At any given day, Bruno’s chocolate sculptures grace the counter next to the display case of custom handmade chocolates.  His chocolate creations are often sought after by high profile client, including some award show after parties such as the Grammys, Emmys, and even the Oscars.  Sara, on the other hand, packs the shelves with an astounding variety of cookies from hazelnut shortbread, Mexican wedding cookies, biscotti, to palmier.  Pumpkin loaves, Jerusalem bagels, and challah bread on Fridays can be found on top of their display cases as well.

Photo Credit: Pascal Patisserie & Café

Their partnership isn’t just a merger of skills and talents, it ties together their cultural roots and influences:  Sara with her Israeli heritage, and Bruno with his French culture.

“We bring together the French, Mediterranean, and European aspects in anything we create,” shares Bruno about their café.

Before they opened, there was a question about adding croissants to their menu but after much discussion, they decided to include it on.

“There’s no way a French bakery would not have croissants, especially with a French chef,” laughs Bruno as he shares this tidbit.

And it’s a good thing they did!  In 2018, Pascal Patisserie and Café was a finalist in the Best Croissant LA by

Photo Credit: Pascal Patisserie & Café

 The café, located in a strip mall on Victory Blvd., is next to the iconic San Fernando Valley restaurant, Flooky’s, a flooring company, and a fitness bootcamp.  When it opened its doors, it gained an enormous amount of support from former patrons while attracting new ones as well.  Five years later, Pascal continues to hold a reputation of being one of the best cafés, serving European style pastries and baked goods, in the San Fernando Valley. 

In 2019, they opened their second location in Beverly Hills, and currently plan to expand their Woodland Hills location to accommodate for their growing clientele. 

First time customers to the café usually experience a sense of awe at the sheer amount of variety Pascal Patisserie and Café offers.  There are croissants, pastries of both the sweet and savory kind, quiches, fruit tarts, chocolates, and cakes.  Let’s not forget the breakfast and lunch menu offerings of omelets, French toasts, breakfast burritos, and their bestselling shakshuka, a signature dish created by Sara from a top-secret family recipe.  There are also paninis, soups, salads, and burgers to choose from.  Oh, and they also have an extensive coffee bar.  There’s truly something for every palate at this café!

Location:  21040 Victory Blvd., Unit A, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818)712-9375

Hours of Operation:   Monday (CLOSED); Tuesday – Thursday 7am-4pm; Friday/Saturday 7:00AM – 5:00PM; Sunday 8:00AM – 3:00PM

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