Meet Hector Perez-Roman, Host and Executive Producer of Valley Views

In today’s Meet The 818 Interview, Hector Perez-Roman, host and Executive Producer of Valley Views, talks about community building, connecting with others, and spreading positivity through highlighting other’s stories. Valley Views focuses on stories of people, organizations, businesses and social movements with a positive impact on the San Fernando Valley & beyond—through deep and fun discussions at the intersectionality of politics, economics, culture, art, and music.

“When I started with this vision, it was all about creating a space on the radio waves to highlight individuals of the San Fernando Valley and/or folks that have a positive connection to the valley. It has been my goal to continue to grow the platform and have featured guest tell their story through an organic, thoughtful, and genuine format.,” shares Hector.

Valley Views recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary last Wednesday, December 15. During the interview we chatted about the growth of the radio show to being out in the community, doing spotlights, as well as highlighting local musicians on their Stage Series. Hector also talks about the mentorship program, getting the show renewed for eight more years, and all the amazing events coming up in 2022!

Tune in to KROJ 101.5 this Sunday at 10am – 12pm to listen to the 100th episode! Follow them on Instagram @valleyviewsfv and check out linkt.ree/valleyviews to get the latest news and listen to previous episodes.

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