Holidays In The San Fernando Valley: Yolanda Lights in Reseda

Outside, the arches of lights look like any other light display but when you step inside those tunnels, that’s when the magic happens. Walking through these tunnels, the night sky becomes a beautiful backdrop to the incandescent light of the tunnels. It turns your walk around the block extra special.

This family winter holiday display started 17 years ago, when Anthony Domingo, long time Yolanda Ave resident, started building the first set of incandescent arches, straddling the sidewalk in front of his home for his kids to have some light while playing outdoors. In the years that followed, the neighbors started joining in one by one. Before long, the sidewalks of the entire block of 7300 Yolanda Ave. was lined with these arches of light tunnels.

“It just organically came to be. When it first started, everyone on the block had kids so we all did it for the kids and the families,” shares Anthony who emphasized that this was all a neighborhood collaboration. Even after the kids have grown up, and had children of their own, the light tunnels are still this neighborhood’s tradition; their goal is to see how far they can extend these tunnels on both sides of the street.

Over the years, the Yolanda lights became not just a neighborhood staple, but a destination for many. There have been some visitors who’ve travelled from as far as France and the UK to see this spectacle. They’ve even brought this tradition back to their own hometowns after they visit.

“What’s funny is that two blocks down, we’ve had more neighbors join in and set up their own tunnel lights as well. We call them “spot fires”. It’s so cool to see it grow. I think we’ve got a couple in a neighborhood in the UK as well. We get all sorts of visitors coming in from 6pm to close to midnight. Usually, the kids come out and play earlier in the evening, then we have the adults, the teenagers, and people out walking their dogs.”

Most nights, you’ll see Anthony and his family in front of the house with a little bonfire going, watching visitors hanging out and enjoying the arches. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a large group of bike riders going through the light arches. According to Anthony, they’ve been pretty elusive and it’s a sight to behold once you see them.

The light arches are on every night from 6pm – 12midnight until the weekend after Three Kings’ Day (which falls on January 6th next year). Pass through and experience the magic of being a little kid again or even add some romance, taking a stroll with your significant other or just walking down with your family for an enchanting evening stroll.

Location: 7300 Yolanda Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

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