Sexy is not a shape. It is an attitude.

For over a decade, Christina Villegas had a stable career as a reality television producer, working on docu-reality series for various networks.  She was a co-executive producer when a tragic incident changed her life and impacted the trajectory of her life.  This led her to establishing Flying Curves Dance Studio, empowering women through the art of pole dancing and burlesque.

Photo Credit: Christina Villegas

Growing up in a conservative Filipino Catholic family, talk of sexuality and sensuality was taboo.    

“My road to taking and eventually teaching pole dance classes goes back to growing up in a very conservative Filipino family. Any talk about sex or anything revolving around that subject was not acceptable. I would find out later in life that that was a big part of me that would need attention and nurturing. I recognized that in my 20’s when I was taking jazz dance classes. I would feel a disconnect with my body, my emotions, just going through motions of choreography. When observing other classes, I would notice a dancer that would stand out and had that je ne sais quoi I wanted and was missing. Who would have known I would find the answer to fill that void after taking my then boyfriend out to a strip club with his friends for his birthday,” shares Christina in an recent interview with VoyageLA

During that trip, she was mesmerized with the dancers—their sensual movement, their confidence, and their athleticism on the pole.  It was moving art.  She started looking for classes after that night and didn’t come across anything local.  However, while reviewing story ideas for a show on she was working on for Lifetime Television, she came across a book about a woman teaching pole dancing in Los Angeles.  She immediately booked her intro class and found exactly what she’s been looking for—growth and connection to her sensuality.

Photo Credit: Christina Villegas

“After taking classes for over a year, I joined the teacher certification program. I taught at that studio while I was working as a reality tv producer and loved it. Seeing the change in women that would take my classes was so rewarding. After a few years of teaching, I had to leave it behind as my production schedule became more demanding and involved travel. I was sad but knew someday I would return to it.”

And, return to it she did.  In 2013, she opened the doors to her dance studio, Flying Curves to teach pole dancing and burlesque classes.  Her mission:  to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where women of all ages and shapes can explore their sensuality and feminine power through pole, burlesque, dance movement, and personal development.  Her program and curriculum remind women of their beauty, power, and uniqueness.

Because she also owns her own video production company, MercVille Productions, she created Goddess Empowered, a live stage show inspired by her students’ stories of growth and empowerment.  The production showcases the culmination of each woman’s journey through live solo pole dancing as well as group performances by the class.  Last Sunday, August 7th, they just wrapped up their 11th show.

“Sexy is not a shape.  It’s an attitude.  Through my studio, I want to change the world one goddess at a time.”

For more information, you can visit their website.

Flying Curves Dance Studios

(747) 224-1140

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