Meet The (818) Chats with Alyssa Necesito, Creator of Tales of a Foodieholic

Photo Credit: Tales of a Foodieholic

818 local Alyssa Necesito grew up on Filipino food. In high school, she started branching out and trying different cuisines.

“I grew up in Canoga Park and my Filipino got to spot was at Nipa Hut. I literally lived just around the corner there…I just had to go to the church, walk and I was right there,” she shares.

She started taking photos of all the restaurants she would go to and in 2019, started her account: Tales of A Foodieholic. The pandemic put a hold on her food adventures. When LA country started opening up again, she used her platform to help highlight local restaurants in and around the San Fernando Valley.

Tune in as we talk about the origins of her account, what she loves most about her food adventures, and her process of choosing various cuisines to highlight.

Follow her on Instagram @talesofafoodieholic and subscribe to her YouTube channel @talesofafoodieholic.

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