It Began at CSUN: From Students for Pilipino American History Month to the Fil-Am Experience Class

It started with a conversation between three friends in a dorm room at California State University, Northridge during the summer of 1996. Then college buddies Moonie Lantion, Allan Aquino, and Elvin Lubrin wanted to bring awareness about October as Filipino American History Month. That conversation started the creation of Students for Pilipino American History Month (SPAHM). With the contributions and influences from various leaders and members of CSUN FASA (Filipino American Student Association), celebrating October as Filipino American History Month continues to thrive in the CSUN community to this day.

In today’s episode of Meet the (818) Chats, we discuss the origins of SPAHM on the CSUN campus, and what it took to have it succeed and thrive. CSUN alumnus, former CSUN FASA President (Fall 1997), and co-founder, Moonie Lantion talks about the importance of Filipino American History Month, and why it was important to him to start this movement. Fellow CSUN alumnus, current CSUN FASA advisor, and Filipino American Experience Professor, Allan Aquino shares how this journey set him on the path of teaching Filipino American History for over a decade. He also talks about a project he is currently working on with the Asian American studies department at CSUN.

Tune in as we deep dive into a no-holds-bar discussion on Filipino American History, community involvement, and continuing to share our story beyond college.

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