It All Started with a Bit of Improv

Photo Credit: Earl Baylon

Growing up, actor, improviser, and voice artist Earl Baylon was no stranger to performing in front of crowds for school productions, extracurricular activities and family functions. That’s why pursuing a career in acting was something that happened organically. Joining Room To Improv, a local Asian American Improvisational Theatre Company was his first foray into acting. From there, he became a part of the as an actor and a writer.

His projects include voice work for Netflix’s Trese, Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Tekken: Bloodline. He is currently the associate producer for Lumpia with a Vengeance, a crowdfunded action comedy about the return of the Lumpia wielding avenger, Kuya and his unlikely team up with high school student Rachel to fight a crime syndicate from destroying Fogtown. It’s the sequel to Lumpia, directed by LA-based filmmaker, Patricio Ginelsa.

Tune in as we chat with Earl about his career as an actor, his involvement in Lumpia with a Vengeance, advice for aspiring actors, and future projects.

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