Of Comics and Games

Njoy Games and Comics started behind Liane Singh’s mother-in-law’s store in 2000, located in the same complex as Chuck E. Cheese on Reseda. Fast forward to 2013 and the comic bookstore finds a home on Reseda Blvd and Rayen Ave in Northridge and is a neighborhood staple for all comic books and tabletop gaming fans. Her daughter, Jasmine, helps with their online presence on social media as their spokesperson, alongside Sanne, an employee’s daughter.

We chat with Liane and Jasmine about the experience of running a comic bookstore, what sets Njoy Games and Comics apart, as well as their store’s impact on the neighborhood’s youth. Apart from carrying everything from comic books, graphic novels, Funko! Pops, action figures, and games like Pokémon and Yu-GI-oh!, the store is family friendly. There’s even a no cursing rule while on the premises.

Tune in as Meet The (818) takes you behind the scenes of Njoy Games and Comics. Visit their online store at http://www.njoy.us and follow them on social media @njoygamesandcomics.

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