Holidays In The San Fernando Valley: Yolanda Lights in Reseda

Outside, the arches of lights look like any other light display but when you step inside those tunnels, that’s when the magic happens. Walking through these tunnels, the night sky becomes a beautiful backdrop to the incandescent light of the tunnels. It turns your walk around the block extra special. This family winter holiday display

Holidays in the San Fernando Valley: Lights On Display in Sherman Oaks

After a two-year hiatus, DJ Jingles and the gang is back to spread some holiday cheer! Mike Ziemkowski, long time Sherman Oaks resident and Emmy award winning video editor, is the creative genius behind this amazing light display on Longview Valley Road. Originally from a small town in Saint John, Indiana, his childhood was filled

Meet Hector Perez-Roman, Host and Executive Producer of Valley Views

In today’s Meet The 818 Interview, Hector Perez-Roman, host and Executive Producer of Valley Views, talks about community building, connecting with others, and spreading positivity through highlighting other’s stories. Valley Views focuses on stories of people, organizations, businesses and social movements with a positive impact on the San Fernando Valley & beyond—through deep and fun

Behind the Business: Flooky’s

Breakfast burritos all day, every day is one of the best things about this iconic establishment. That and having the same commitment to serving quality hotdogs for almost 60 years. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only Flooky’s in Woodland Hills. Located in a strip mall on Victory and Variel, this family owned

Holidays in the San Fernando Valley: Lilley Hall in Toluca Lake

It’s the oldest children’s choir in the San Fernando Valley, 50 years old to be exact. Every night after Thanksgiving, you can hear them caroling on the corner of Mariota and Moorpark, at Lilley Hall, a two-story Tudor Revival home built in 1927. Lilley Hall was named after Joseph J. Lilley, the former music director

Behind the Business: Blinkie’s Donuts

You work in Woodland Hills and you have 15 minutes to kill before you need to clock in for work. What do you do with that extra time? Pass by Blinkie’s and snag a black-and-white donut–the perfect donut for those who can’t choose between a chocolate or vanilla glaze—and maybe if you’re feeling generous that

Behind the Business: Dan’s Super Subs

It’s a surprise to some that Dan’s Super Subs is not owned by someone named Dan. Instead, it is owned by the Halici brothers, Herman and Jack. In 1980, Herman bought the sandwich shop from a gentleman named Dan who sold it after being in business for a year. They kept the name for economical

For The Love of BBQ

Born and raised in Sepulveda (now known as North Hills), local boy Dimitru Ioakim was a fan of Rosie’s BBQ Grillery at an early age. Going out on family dinners was always a treat, with choices being El Torito (his mom’s favorite) or Rosie’s BBQ and Grillery (his dad’s). Little did he know that the

Behind the Business: Doan’s Bakery

In 1984, Karen Doan, a self-taught baker, opened Doan’s Bakery at the urging of friends and family who enjoyed her delicious cakes and creations.  25 years later, the bakery is now a family affair, co-owned by her son Eric, family run and operated.  They’ve been baking for restaurants, coffee shops, caterers, and some high-profile clients.

Meet Brandon Shindo and Kaelly Arellano, Co-Founders of K&B Therapy

In today’s Meet The (818) Interview, business partners, best buddies, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Brandon Shindo and Kaelly Arellano share the story behind their group practice, K & B Therapy, located in Sherman Oaks. They chat about opening their business during the pandemic, the importance of mental health, and their own unique approach

Behind The Business Series: Pascal Patisserie and Café

When Sara Geller, chef and former owner of Sara J Pastries and Cakes, and Bruno Pascal Marcy, Pastry Chef, Master Chocolatier, and owner of C…is for chocolate, decided to open Pascal Patisserie and Café in Woodland Hills, it was a team up made in pastry heaven! The two worked together before reuniting to open their

When Beauty Is Your Passion

818 local, mother of three and Licensed Vocational Nurse, Khristine Talactac is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a LVN, she’s also a licensed Cosmetologist, licensed Body Art Practitioner, Blood Borne Pathogen Certified, Multi-Certified Lash Extension Specialist, Licensed Permanent Make-up Artist and Hyaluron Pen Certified Technician. Whew! That’s a long list of

Meet Double A, Creator and Host of Profile Pod TV

In today’s Meet the (818) Interview, Andy Zaldivar, best known as Double A, the creator and host of Profile Pod TV, shares the beginnings and the evolution of his podcast. We chat about shinning a spotlight on people making waves and impacting their communities in a positive way. He talks about the successes and the


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