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Celebrating Year 2

Time sure flies! As Meet The (818) celebrates its second anniversary, I’d like to say thank you for your continued support for this little enterprise of mine. I am truly grateful for all the stories I got to tell and everyone I got to meet the past two years. Sharing your stories and seeing you all work so hard to bring your dreams into reality is truly inspirational, especially this past year. As heartbreaking as it was to see some of our local businesses struggle and eventually close its doors, it was also awe-inspiring to see our community pull together, help each other out and adapt to our current situation. That resiliency and pulling through as a community is just one of the many reasons I love living in and being apart of the San Fernando Valley community.

As a 16 year old who migrated to Burbank, CA in the late 90s, I’ve enjoyed to seeing all the growth and development in the San Fernando Valley this past couple of decades. All the local places I frequented growing up will always hold a special place in my heart but in the same token, I always love discovering new local businesses and supporting local businesses owners. Needles to say, my list of favorite places (which goes beyond local restaurants) has grown quite a bit over the years. (That list, of course, also extends outside of the valley but that’s a story for another time…).

The best thing about living in the San Fernando Valley, apart from the diversity of each city, is the possibility of creating your own dream and living it—be it opening a coffee shop or sharing your art on a community wall or having a safe haven to just de-stress for a couple of hours. At the beginning of this journey, someone asked me what the end game was for Meet The (818), at that time, I joked around and said it was to eventually get an interview with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. Maybe? Who knows? Even pondering on the question now, I really don’t have a serious answer. I’m just a girl with a blog and a social media account with a love for hearing stories, telling stories, and supporting the area code she grew up in. And that’ll do for now.

Cheers to year two! Thank you for all your support. If you have a story to share, just send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to listen and share.

Take care and stay safe, everyone! Live. Love. Local Meet The (818).

Accredited Home Care Marks Its 40 Year Anniversary by Donating $40,000 to Local Charities

Woodland Hills, CA, June 9, 2020 – Accredited Home Care marks its 40 year anniversary by continuing to do what it does best: taking care of your loved ones – even in the midst of a global pandemic, and donating $40,000 to local nonprofits providing relief and recovery to communities impacted by the current health crisis. One year ago, in anticipation of its 40th anniversary, Barry Berger, CEO and founder, along with his wife of 35 years, Taffy Berger, set aside $40,000 to be donated to charities this June. In light of the COVID-19 era, Accredited Home Care will now reallocate the money to charities that are focused on assisting individuals affected by the pandemic. When Barry Berger started his mom and pop home care agency in 1980, he had no idea he would one day have the privilege of employing over 6,000 healthcare professionals who would be serving on the front lines of today’s medical crisis.

By using its 40 years of experience, Accredited Home Care provides home care aides, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and social workers to assist patients and their families with the ability to remain safe in their own residence. Berger states, “We have been serving patients through many storms – whether it’s earthquakes, fires, floods, riots, mudslides, or now a medical state of emergency, we will be there for your family.” Accredited cares for an average of 1,200 patients a month and provides respite services to over 6,400 developmentally disabled clients. Berger continues, “Now more than ever, Home Care is a major solution when it comes to planning the future for our aging and disabled population.”

Acknowledging 40 years of home care means staying connected to all of the families Accredited serves, along with supporting and honoring Accredited’s dedicated field and office staff. Accredited is proud to be on the front lines fighting for the health and safety of our community. Barry Berger is moved, “Thank you for trusting me, and our incredible, fearless field staff to care for your family. I am humbled by our medical team’s willingness to step up during this frightening time. It has been an honor to serve the community for 40 years.”

About Accredited Home Care Services:

Accredited Home Care provides both skilled and non-medical home care and is one of Southern California’s largest and highest-rated (4.5 stars out of 5) Medicare-certified home health agencies, repeatedly achieving Medicare’s HomeCare Elite status. Accredited’s five branches are located in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Diego and Orange County. Accredited cares for an average of 1,200 patients a month while additionally providing respite services to over 6,400 developmentally disabled clients from San Diego to the Oregon border, through its contracts with The California Regional Centers. Accredited is considered a major California employer through its employment of more than 6,000 employees per year.

The Los Angeles Business Journal named Accredited Home Care as one of 2019’s Most Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles and Forbes Magazine named Accredited one of the “Best Places to Work Throughout California.” Barry Berger has spent his tenure fighting for patient advocacy campaigns in Sacramento and served as Board Chair of the California Association for Health Services at Home and was presented the 2010 Lois C. Lillick Award for his lifetime contributions to the home care industry.

For media inquiries or more information about Accredited Home Health and the services it provides, please call Nicole Blaine at (310) 736-8830, or visit www.accreditednursing.com.