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Chiisai Cakes: Breaking The Mold

Robert Shindo started his culinary journey when he was 16. He was worked in a variety of restaurants, filling any and all restaurant jobs you can think of. He is currently the General Manager of two restaurants while owning his own business, Chiisai Cakes. Family is–and has always been—at the heart of his culinary interest. “Growing up always seeing my Grandparents and

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Connections Through Teaching Tagalog

Marie Urquidi, the author of DLI Parent books, a series of Dual Language Immersion books teaching both children and parents Tagalog (Filipino). Starting this series during the pandemic, her goal was to introduce Tagalog to her children while keeping the cost of learning affordable and the time committed to learning flexible. She shares a bit about her story with us

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Holidays in the San Fernando Valley: Fido the Reindeer in North Hills

Every December, something magical happens on the corner of Hayvenhurst Ave. and Plummer St.. Fido, the resident 12-foot tall ivy hedge shaped poodle, turns into Fido, the red-nosed reindeer! And what a sight it is! It adds a certain je nais se quios to your drive down Plummer St. during the holiday season. Of course, this San Fernando Valley landmark

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Holidays In The San Fernando Valley: Yolanda Lights in Reseda

Outside, the arches of lights look like any other light display but when you step inside those tunnels, that’s when the magic happens. Walking through these tunnels, the night sky becomes a beautiful backdrop to the incandescent light of the tunnels. It turns your walk around the block extra special. This family winter holiday display started 17 years ago, when

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