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From Chef To Baker: Meet Cookies By Joe

07701f73-4e70-4d50-a8ed-59e809470e10Sometimes, you make plans and life has a way of putting you on a different path.  The origins of Cookies by Joe is a testament to that.

Joana Turcios, owner of Cookies by Joe, didn’t start baking cookies off the bat(ter). She went to culinary school with the hopes of becoming a chef but soon realized she loved baking and making people happy with cookies! Then the pandemic hit and she found the perfect opportunity to try her new venture.

“I was craving a cookie and there aren’t many (cookie) shops in the valley. So, I went back to my baking roots just to kill that craving. At that time, I was reading, You are a Badass At Making Money, so when the cookies I baked turned out great…the light bulb went off,” shares Joana about the origins of Cookies by Joe.

She used the aforementioned book as motivation and decided to sell cookies on Instagram. With San Fernando Valley need more food ventures, her cookies quickly became a hit!

“I did not think I was going to make it into a business until I realized how much I love baking cookies and being my own boss. My fiancé has been so supportive and is part of the marketing aspect of the business,” she adds.

What makes her cookies unique is the seasonal flavors and her baking technique. Her cookies are chewy on theimg_8872 outside while soft on the inside. You’ll always find a variety on her menu with some of the most popular flavors as main stays: Lemon Cookie, Brown Butter Toffee, and the infamous S’mores cookie. A couple of new flavors will be making its way to the menu: Strawberry Short Cake Cookie and Cookies and Cream—stay tuned for those!

With the task of growing her business and constantly finding opportunities to collaborate with people and business in the (818), you can find Joana in various pop-up locations from Café Aficionado to the her latest pop-up at the Café y Cultura at the Burbank Promenade last June 12th.  Catch her at Aroma Café in Studio City from 11am – 6pm this Saturday, June 19th. 

For orders and to check out her latest menu and pop-up schedule, follow her on Instagram @cookiesbyjoe.

Meet Jonathan Andrade, Owner Of Cans With WIcks

Today’s Meet The (818) interview features 818 local and CSUN alumni, Jonathan Andrade, owner of Cans With Wicks. During the pandemic, Jonathan decided to try his hand at making candles with recycled beer cans as holders. What an awesome way to promote local breweries at the same time trying out a new skill! We chat about his love for beer, the experience of pop-up events, and being able to promote local breweries through his craft.

Follow him on Instagram @canswitwicks for more information on how to order these products.

Inside the KimBobRex Food truck: The making of the Best Friend Sushi Burrito

KimBobRex, a food truck known for serving up sushi burritos, is a staple at the Granada Hills Grubfest every Friday for more than five years. You can always expect a line wherever they’re around. One of their bestsellers is the Best Friend Roll—spicy tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, their special sauce, all wrapped up in sushi rice and seaweed. Chef Jin, owner and chef of @kimbobrex, shares how the magic happens and what goes in this sushi burrito.

Follow them on Twitter and on IG @kimbobrex to see where you can grab one of their many sushi burritos. Your tummy will definitely thank you.

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