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Meet Patrick Ballesteros, Artist, Illustrator and creator of Patrick Ballesteros Art

img_8624Meet Patrick Ballesteros, artist, illustrator, teacher, and owner of Patrick Ballesteros Art Shop. Some of his art work is displayed and available for purchase at The Perky Nerd in Burbank where he was the featured artist in a couple of their art shows and even curated the Sweethearts, BFFS, and Bromance Art Show in February of 2017.

In this episode of Meet The (818) Interviews, we chat about his art style, his inspiration, and his reaction to the line cap during one of the SD ComicCons. He talks about the layers of story telling involved in his art work and how teaching challenges him to explore other styles and to continuously push his creativity.

Visit patrickballesterosart.com to view and purchase his art. Follow him on IG and FB @patrickballesteros.