Meet Tina Codinha, Master Chocolatier and Owner of Codinha Chocolates

On today’s Meet The (818) Interview, Tina Codinha, master chocolatier and owner of Codinha Chocolates talks about her unique journey into the world of chocolate and shares the three tenants behind it: passion, love, and dedication. She talks about completely changing her career plans, and moving to New York to study under renowned chocolate experts Jacques Torres and Melissa Coppel. Codiha Chocolates is her ode to her pursuit of chocolate and perfection. Her line of high quality, artisan confections combine French techniques with a nod to her love of travel and, of course, her Filipino culture.

Tune in as we chat about taking her business to the next level, and helping other aspiring chocolatiers through her mentorship programs, and inspiring others with her podcast.

For more information and to order some of her delicious chocolates, visit her website. Follow her on instagram @codinhachocolate. Trust me. You really, really want to order these chocolates! Some recommendations include the OMG Bar, Praline Roche, and their Wanderlust Collection.

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